Will Smith has been spotted in India for first time after controversial slap to meet spiritual leaders and yogi Sadhguru

Will Smith was seen in India, in casual dress, in a white shirt, a beads over white t-shirt and Nike shoes. Smith was calm, cool, relaxed after arriving in the South Asian country.

He was casual and friendly while he met staff who assisted him with emptying his stuffs from his vehicle & close by fans screamed and shouted ‘Will, Will Smith!’

Will Smith

Smith then, at that point, takes two or three selfies with security and went to the fans shouting his name, giving them a wave with a smile prior to proceeding to take a couple of additional selfies and went inside his stay and embraced everyone.

Will Smith has been spotted in India for first time after controversial slap to meet spiritual leaders and yogi Sadhguru

It has also been confirmed by few media channels that Will Smith has recently seen & arrived in India and has been spotted at Mumbai’s private air terminal, Kalina. The Hollywood star waved his hands to the people who recognized him and smiled while allowing everyone to take his pictures and then after making his fans happy moved inside the hotel. Will have been in news since his interaction with Chris Rock during Oscars 2022 when will smith slapped Chris Rock on the controversary related to this wife. The video vent viral on social media and Will smith was banned from Oscars.

Any guesses why Will Smith is in India? You will find out below.

Will Smith has been in India in past and this is not his first time in India. The King Richard has friends in India, including Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff. Perhaps, he is here to meet Sadhguru as he is his follower and Will Smith once invited Sadhguru to his home in US as well were he and his family had a good time together with Sadhguru.

We are truly eager to see Will Smith here in India.

On social media, users started commenting and reacting to this news by saying

“He is trying to find work in Bollywood after Hollywood rejected him”

Another user remarked, “He will slap, don’t get close to him”

Another user said, “👎 👎👎👎👎 I am no longer a fan of Will Smith now. B Town entertainers should be cautious or probably they will be whacked.”

In the mean time, Will Smith has been standing out as truly newsworthy since the time he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022 after he cracked a joke on will smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Let’s see what Will Smith does in India and we will keep you updating on this from time to time. Do follow us daily for such updates.

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