[All Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers] Who was first woman to win multiple Grammy Awards?

[All Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers] Who was first woman to win multiple Grammy Awards?

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Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 10 September 2021

Question 1) Which former cricketer made a special appearance in the film ‘Kai Po Che!”?

Answer 1: A, Ajay Jadeja

Question 2) Based on a novel by RK Narayan, the 1965 film ‘Guide’ was directed by who among these?

Answer 2: A, Vijay Anand

Question 3) Which Actress autobiography ‘The Hit Girl’ was launched by Salman Khan?

Answer 3: C, Asha Parekh

Question 4) Who directed the 2017 children’s film ‘Blue Mountains: A Modern Day Classic’?

Answer 4: C, Suman Ganguli

Question 5) Who was first woman to win multiple Grammy Awards?

Answer 5: A, Ella Fitzgerald

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Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 9 September 2021

Answer 1: C, Maneka Gandhi

Answer 2: C, Dabar

Answer 3: A, Kumar Sangakkara

Answer 4: A, Delhi

Answer 5: C, Polonium

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 8 September 2021

Answer 1: Indore

Answer 2: Nepal

Answer 3: Jasprit Bumrah

Answer 4: Sanju Samson

Answer 5: Leo carter

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 7 September 2021

Answer 1: TVF, C

Answer 2: HOMELAND, B

Answer 3: MUGHAL-E-AZAM, C



Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 6 September 2021

Answer: ISLAM, A

Answer: BELL LABS, C




Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 5 September 2021

Answer 1: China, A

Answer 2: Harmanpreet Kaur, B

Answer 3: Jaspreet Bumrah, C

Answer 4: Marcus Stoinis, B

Answer 5: Sarbjeet Kaur, A

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 2 September 2021

Question 1) With which of these sports would you associate the term bout?

Answer: Boxing

Question 2) Which of these is not a golf club?

Answer: Hammer

.Question 3) In which city has the Indy 500 auto race been held for the last century?

Answer: Indianapolis

Question 4) In which country does the International Olympic Committee have its headquarters?

Answer: Switzerland

Question 5) Which of these teams has never won the UEFA Champions League?

Answer: Manchester City

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 1 September 2021

Question 1) Kareena Kapoor played the role of ___ in the film Jab We Met? 

Answer: Geet, A

Question 2) The only words that Harshaali Malhotra’s character utters in Bajrangi Bhaijaan are? 

Answer: Jai Shri Ram, Mama, A

.Question 3) Princess Fiona is the wife of which fictional ogre?

Answer: Shrek, C

Question 4) Which city’s tourism has grown as it is the set for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones?

Answer: Dubrovnik, Croatia, C

Question 5) __ won the Best Motion Picture – Animated Golden Globe Award 2020?

Answer: Missing Link, A

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 31 August 2021

Question 1) In Which state will you find the Mount Abu and Sita Mata wildlife Sanctuaries?

Answer: Rajasthan, A

Question 2) In 1994, which company started supplying plastic crates to Pepsi and Coca Cola?

Answer: Nilkamal Limited, C

.Question 3) Who amongst these has not played at least 100 test matches for India? 

Answer: Md Azharuddin, C

Question 4) Which of these particles is named after an Indian physicist? 

Answer: Bason, A

Question 5) Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah directed which 1989 television series? 

Answer: Circus, B

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 30 August 2021

Question 1) Which sport is also known as tenpins?

Answer: Bowling

Question 2) Which of these nations was not in the original imperial cricket conference?

Answer: Canada

Question 3) The centre court at Wimbeldon is also known by what postcode?

Answer: SW19

Question 4) Which of these is not a golf obstacle?

Answer: Hurdle

Question 5) what colour is used for a warning in automobile racing?

Answer: Yellow

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