Who Recently Won The 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix?

Amazon Quiz Answer 26 September 2022 Win 1000: Amazon India daily brings new question and seeks answers to those questions from users. Users can simply answer these questions and win the prizes fast. We have outlined everything down for you. Keep reading this article to know how to play quiz, and questions and answers.

Amazon Quiz Answers

How to Play and win Amazon Quiz Answers

1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and Install the amazon app.

2. Sign in if you already have an app or sign-up if you are new to the Amazon app.

3. Open the app and go to find “Funzone” & Find The Quiz.

4. Then play the Quiz and join our Telegram Channel for fastest answers.

Amazon Quiz Answer 26 September 2022 Q&A

Q1: The Reigning Monarch Of The UK, Following The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II, Will Be Known By What Name?
Answer 1 (D) – King Charles III

Q2: Who Recently Won The 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix?
Answer 2 (A) – Max Verstappen

Q3: The Movie ‘Tejas’ Which Is About Women Entering Combat Roles In The Indian Airforce Stars Which Actress In The Lead Role?
Answer 3 (B) – Kangana Ranaut

Q4: Name This Political Entity
Answer 4 (C) – Palestinian National Initiative

Q5: Which River, The Second Longest In Europe After The Volga, Is Shown In This Picture?
Answer 5 (B) – Danube

Be the first one to stand a chance to win. Only those who answer fast and first are selected as winners. Amazon has all right to choose the winner of this quiz. These points does help a lot to a user when they try to buy any product from Amazon app.

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