[Daily Trivia 5 July] Which of these is not a part of Germany’s Big Three automobile manufacturers

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Which of these is not a part of Germany’s Big Three automobile manufacturers


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Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 5 July 2021

Question 1: Skype is the portmanteau of Sky and P to P. What does P stand for?

Answer 1 : Peer

Question 2: Which country has been the most successful men’s hockey team in the World Cup?

Answer 2 : Pakistan

Question 3: Which of these is not a part of Germany’s Big Three automobile manufacturers?

Answer 3 : Porsche

Question 4: Which American data storage company was established as Shugart Technology?

Answer 4 : Seagate

Question 5: A 2018 Ajay Devgn movie on an IRS officer was loosely based on which official?

Answer 5 : Sharda Prasad Pandey

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 4 July 2021

Question 1: Who made his highest ODI score (139 runs) vs India and was then bought by Delhi Capitals?

Answer 1 : Shimron Hetmyer

Question 2: How many feet off the ground are basketball hoops located?

Answer 2 : Ten

Question 3: In which country was the first-ever ODI played between Australia and England?

Answer 3 : Australia

Question 4: Who became the first cricketer to score 1,000 Test runs in 2019?

Answer 4 : Marnus Labuschagne

Question 5: Midfielder Sarpreet Singh became the first Indian-origin player to play in

Answer 5 : Bundesliga

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 3 July 2021

Question 1: Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to which music director?

Answer 1 : Ram Sampath

Question 2: George Harrison, the English musician, was from which famous band?

Answer 2 : The Beatles

Question 3: Bates Motel is the setting for most of the plot of which Alfred Hitchcock film?

Answer 3 : Psycho

Question 4: The iconic TV show Buniyaad was directed by which film director alongside Jyoti Sarup?

Answer 4 : Ramesh Sippy

Question 5: Which ex-wrestling star starred as Guard Dunham in the movie The Longest Yard?

Answer 5 : Steve Austin

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 2 July 2021

Question 1: Who Among These Is A Part Of The Film Jumanji: The Next Level?

Answer 1 : Nick Jonas

Question 2: The World’s Youngest PM, Sanna Marin Has Been Recently Elected As The PM Of?

Answer 2 : Finland

Question 3: Who Is Known As Kriss Kringle In USA And Father Christmas In Britain?

Answer 3 : Santa Claus

Question 4: Oxford Dictionaries Has Named __ 2019 Word Of The Year?

Answer 4 : Climate emergency

Question 5: The Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi Is From Which Country?

Answer 5 : South Africa

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 1 July 2021

Question 1: Who is the newly appointed head coach of the South African cricket team till 2023?

Answer 1 : Mark Boucher

Question 2: For which football club does Egyptian forward Mo Salah play?

Answer 2 : Liverpool FC

Question 3: In which city is the oldest international cricket stadium of India located?

Answer 3 : Kolkata

Question 4: What are the vertical columns on a chessboard called?

Answer 4 : Files

Question 5: Who is the first male cricketer to score century on ODI and Test debuts?

Answer 5 : Abid Ali

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 30 June 2021

Question 1: Starring Irrfan Khan, which film was a biopic on a 7 time national steeplechase champion?

Answer 1 : Paan Singh Tomar

Question 2: Who replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu in the Kapil Sharma Show?

Answer 2 : Archana Puran Singh

Question 3: ?

Answer 3 : Ramayana

Question 4: Who wins the title of best student in the film ‘Student of the Year’?

Answer 4 : Varun Dhawan

Question 5: Who acted as the boxer ‘Apollo Creed’ in the ‘Rocky’ film series?

Answer 5 : Bruce Bennet

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 29 June 2021

Question 1: Which of the following vehicles means a wasp in Italian?

Answer 1 : Vespa

Question 2: The Shahid Kapoor starrer Batti Gul Meter Chalu is about the problems of inflated

Answer 2 : Electricity Bill

Question 3: Which country recently recorded the first polio case in 27 years?

Answer 3 : Malaysia

Question 4: Which of these companies invented the transistor in 1947?

Answer 4 : Bell Labs

Question 5: Which of these is housed in the Peace Palace of Netherlands?

Answer 5 : ICJ

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 28 June 2021

Question 1: How many pawns does each player have in chess?

Answer 1 : Eight

Question 2: For which cricket team did cricketers nicknamed Big Bird, Super Cat, and Whispering Death play?

Answer 2 : West Indies

Question 3: Which cricketer recently married South Indian actress Ashrita Shetty?

Answer 3 : Manish Pandey

Question 4: Who is the only Indian to score more than 300 runs in four consecutive Test series?

Answer 4 : Gautam Gambhir

Question 5: Which of these neighbouring countries of India has won an individual Olympic medal?

Answer 5 : Pakistan

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 27 June 2021

Question 1: Which talent show has been won by the Shillong Chamber Choir and Prince Dance Group

Answer 1 : India’s Got Talent

Question 2: Who played the role of Omar Hassan in the American TV series 24?

Answer 2 : Anil Kapoor

Question 3: Who is Byomkesh’s assistant and friend in the Byomkesh Bakshi series?

Answer 3 : Ajit Banerjee

Question 4: With which TV show would you associate with the fictional company “Pied Piper”?

Answer 4 : Silicon Valley

Question 5: Who among these had a guest appearance in the film ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’?

Answer 5 : Kriti Sanon

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 26 June 2021

Question 1: What replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser of Windows 10 PC?

Answer 1 : Microsoft Edge

Question 2: Who gave these ways of diplomacy – “Saam Daam Dand Bhed”?

Answer 2 : Chanakya

Question 3: Which legendary cricketer acted in the Marathi movie ‘Savli Premachi’?

Answer 3 : Sunil Gavaskar

Question 4: The name of which of these Saudi Arabian cities literally means ‘town’?

Answer 4 : Medina

Question 5: Pranab Mukherjee was the 1st Indian President to visit __’s official home in Finland.

Answer 5 : Santa Claus

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 25 June 2021

Question 1: Against which team did Virat Kohli smash his highest T201 score?

Answer 1 : West Indies

Question 2: What is Queensland’s premier cricket ground in Brisbane affectionately known as?

Answer 2 : The Gabba

Question 3: Who fell short by 7 runs to become 1st player with 3 triple tons in cricket?

Answer 3 : Virender Sehwag

Question 4: Which of these international cricketers has not played for the Saurashtra team?

Answer 4 : Murali Vijay

Question 5: Who will lead the Indian team in the 2020 U-19 World Cup in South Africa?

Answer 5 : Priyam Garg

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 24 June 2021

Question 1: Who played the role of Rustom Billimoria in the 2017 film Rangoon?

Answer 1 : Saif Ali Khan

Question 2: In whose honour did Pandit Ravi Shankar compose the Raga Mohankauns?

Answer 2 : Mahatma Gandhi

Question 3: Which band released the iconic album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Answer 3 : The Beatles

Question 4: Courteney Cox was offered which part before she played Monica in the TV show Friends?

Answer 4 : Rachel

Question 5: Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar is all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite

Answer 5 : Akshay Kumar

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 23 June 2021

Question 1: Who among these made a special appearance in the film Zero?

Answer 1 : R. Madhavan

Question 2: From 2009 to 2014, who served as the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha?

Answer 2 : Arun Jaitley

Question 3: Airports Authority of India appointed Taniya Sanyal as its first woman _____

Answer 3 : Firefighter

Question 4: Sharanya Manivannan’s novel ‘The Queen of Jasmine Country’ is about which poet?

Answer 4 : Andal

Question 5: Soap Operas get their name from which company originally sponsoring such programs?

Answer 5 : Procter & Gamble

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 22 June 2021

Question 1: Which is the most mobile and powerful piece in chess?

Answer 1 : Queen

Question 2: What is the nickname of Zimbabwe’s national men’s cricket team?

Answer 2 : Chevrons

Question 3: Against which team did India record their highest successful T201 run chase?

Answer 3 : West Indies

Question 4: Which is the only club this season to win all their group games in UEFA Champions League?

Answer 4 : Bayern Munich

Question 5: To which country does former world number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki belong?

Answer 5 : Denmark

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 21 June 2021

Question 1: Who directed the Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao starring film Vivah?

Answer 1 : Sooraj Barjatya

Question 2: Kya kare kya na kare, Yaaro sun lo zara and Hai rama are songs from which iconic film?

Answer 2 : Rangeela

Question 3: Galli Galli Sim Sim’ is a Hindi adaptation of which popular English show?

Answer 3 : Sesame Street

Question 4: Who won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2017 for Kapoor and Sons?

Answer 4 : Rishi Kapoor

Question 5: Which of these directors did not direct their son’s debut film?

Answer 5 : Yash Chopra

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 20 June 2021

Question 1: The name of which mathematical symbol literally means ‘less’?

Answer 1 : Minus

Question 2: American pop star Miley Cyrus was married to which Australian actor?

Answer 2 : Liam Hemsworth

Question 3: Died in 2018, the 106-year old Kunwar Bai Yadav was an icon for which of these?

Answer 3 : Swachh Bharat

Question 4: Who was the first scientist to use the famous phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest’?

Answer 4 : Herbert Spencer

Question 5: With the co-founder of which company would you associate the app ‘Asana’?

Answer 5 : Facebook

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 19 June 2021

Question 1: How many squares would you find on a chessboard?

Answer 1 : 64

Question 2:Which of these trophies is named after an Indian Air Force Air Marshal?

Answer 2 : Subroto Cup

Question 3: Phil Simmons, the coach of the Afghanistan cricket team, played for which country?

Answer 3 : West Indies

Question 4: Which is the oldest football tournament in Asia?

Answer 4 : Durand Cup

Question 5: In which year did India and Pakistan face each other in a World Cup for the first time?

Answer 5 : 1992

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 16 June 2021

Question 1: In which country did chess first appear in the 6th century CE?

Answer 1 : India

Question 2: For which ISL team do Jackichand Singh, Mandar Rao Desai and Brandon Fernandes play?

Answer 2 : FC Goa

Question 3: Who was named The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2019?

Answer 3 : Lionel Messi

Question 4: Who became the first ever cricketer to play 150 Ranji matches?

Answer 4 : Wasim Jaffer

Question 5: Who recently recorded most number of Test matches as an umpire?

Answer 5 : Aleem Dar

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 15 June 2021

Question 1: Which Aamir Khan starring film was also produced by him?

Answer 1 : Lagaan

Question 2: The movie ‘Shadow of the Cobra’ is based on which man’s life?

Answer 2 : Charles Sobhraj

Question 3: In which of these movies do aliens come to earth?

Answer 3 : Independence Day

Question 4: Who was Sanjay Dutt’s co-star in his debut film Rocky?

Answer 4 : Tina Munim

Question 5: Which is the first Bollywood film to premiere at Leicester Square?

Answer 5 : Life In A… Metro

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 14 June 2021

Question 1: Which is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation?

Answer 1 : BBC

Question 2: Which country has the largest immigrant population in the world in absolute numbers?

Answer 2 : USA

Question 3: Which deity in Hindu mythology maintains a register called Agra Sandhani?

Answer 3 : Chitragupta

Question 4: Which monument served as the final refuge for Bahadur Shah Zafar during the 1857 Mutiny?

Answer 4 : Humayun’s Tomb

Question 5: In which country is the Rub’ al Khali, the largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world?

Answer 5 : Saudi Arabia

Flipkart Quz Daily Trivia Answers 13 June 2021

Question 1: To which country did famous boxer Muhammad Ali belong?

Answer 1 : The USA

Question 2: Which country’s highest division of football is the La Liga?

Answer 2 : Spain

Question 3: Who was the first cricketer to hit 400 sixes in international cricket?

Answer 3 : Chris Gayle

Question 4: Who holds the record for scoring the fastest Ranji double century?

Answer 4 : Ravi Shastri

Question 5: Which country was recently banned by WADA from global sports for 4 years over doping?

Answer 5 : Russia

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 12 June 2021

Question 1: Which winner of the show Bigg Boss also was the winner of MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla?

Answer 1 : Prince Narula

Question 2: Which character in Permanent Roommates is portrayed by Sumeet Vyas?

Answer 2 : Mikesh Chaudhary

Question 3: Which film was the first in which Abhishek and Aishwarya worked together?

Answer 3 : Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke

Question 4: Which FM channel would you find at this frequency 105.6 MHz in Delhi?

Answer 4 : Gyan Vani

Question 5: In which crime drama would you come across the restaurant: Los Pollos Hermanos?

Answer 5 : Breaking Bad

Flipkart Quiz Daily Tri

via Answers 11 June 2021

Question 1: GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. In which year did it come into effect in India?

Answer 1 : 2017

Question 2: Which type of condiment comes from the Hindi word meaning “to crush”?

Answer 2 : Chutney

Question 3: On April 23, whose birth is celebrated by the UN as English Language Day?

Answer 3 : William Shakespeare

Question 4: What is the small muscular sac, situated under the liver, which stores bile called?

Answer 4 : Gall bladder

Question 5: Which of these is caused by a sudden closure of the human glottis?

Answer 5 : Hiccup

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 10 June 2021

Question 1: Which of these Indian batsmen is present in the top 10 of the T201 batsmen rankings?

Answer 1 : K. L. Rahul

Question 2: Who became the first Indian to slam 400 sixes in international cricket?

Answer 2 : Rohit Sharma

Question 3: Who was recently reappointed as Afghanistan cricket team captain in all formats?

Answer 3 : Asghar Afghan

Question 4: Which actor recently became the brand ambassador of National Anti-Doping Agency?

Answer 4 : Suniel Shetty

Question 5: Who reclaimed his IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles by defeating Andy Ruiz Jr?

Answer 5 : Anthony Joshua

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 9 June 2021

Question 1: In which film did Aamir Khan play the role of a terrorist?

Answer 1 : Fanaa

Question 2: In which movie did Shilpa Shetty make her acting debut?

Answer 2 : Baazigar

Question 3: Which of these is a 2000 film starring Bobby Deol and Rani Mukerji?

Answer 3 : Bichhoo

Question 4: Complete the title of a talk show hosted by Farhan Akhtar: Oye! It’s _____?

Answer 4 : Friday

Question 5: How do we better know Bollywood actor Hamid Ali Khan?

Answer 5 : Ajit Johnny Walker

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 8 June 2021

Question 1: Which Mauryan emperor’s role has Shah Rukh Khan played in a Bollywood film?

Answer 1 : Ashoka

Question 2: Which Indian language is also Canada’s third most common language?

Answer 2 : Punjabi

Question 3: Which company became the first smartphone maker to cross $10 billion in revenues in India?

Answer 3 : Samsung

Question 4: Which fort in Rajasthan, that now hosts the Jauhar Mela, was the capital of Mewar kingdom?

Answer 4 : Chittorgarh

Question 5: To which Rajasthani city are you travelling if you’re taking the Chetak Express from Delhi?

Answer 5 : Udaipur

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 7 June 2021

Question 1: Who is the youngest person to win the Formula One world drivers’ championship?

Answer 1 : Sebastian Vettel

Question 2: Which of these is the nickname of the former Indian bowler Anil Kumble?

Answer 2 : Jumbo

Question 3: In which country were the first-ever Commonwealth Games held?

Answer 3 : Canada

Question 4: In which of these sports is the participant called a pugilist?

Answer 4 : Boxing

Question 5: Who is the first bowler to take 200 wickets in Women’s ODIs?

Answer 5 : Jhulan Goswami

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 6 June 2021

Question 1: In which of these movies did Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor appear together?

Answer 1 : Bodyguard

Question 2: Which actor worked as a chef in Bangkok and later founded Hari Om Productions in 2008?

Answer 2 : Akshay Kumar

Question 3: Which 2016 film is adaptation of the book ‘A Long Way Home’?

Answer 3 : Lion

Question 4: Which Bollywood actor’s autobiography is called: “An Ordinary Life”?

Answer 4 : Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Question 5: What is the name of the first soap opera on Indian Television?

Answer 5 : Hum Log

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 5 June 2021

Question 1: USSR’s Luna programme was about sending robotic spacecraft missions to ____.

Answer 1 : Moon

Question 2: In China, which fish was a symbol of fortune, and could only be owned by the Song Dynasty?

Answer 2 : Goldfish

Question 3: Which company recently unveiled the electric pickup truck Cybertruck?

Answer 3 : Tesla

Question 4: After which business group’s founder is the city of Jamshedpur named?

Answer 4 : Tata

Question 5: Geographically, which state is the largest of the seven sisters of Northeast India?

Answer 5 : Arunachal Pradesh

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 4 June 2021

Question 1: With which sport would you associate the terms – free throw or foul shots?

Answer 1 : Basketball

Question 2: In which country is the cricket stadium Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui situated?

Answer 2 : New Zealand

Question 3: After whom is the award for most runs in Ranji Trophy named?

Answer 3 : Madhavrao Scindia

Question 4: Who won the 2016 Olympic Games Men’s Marathon?

Answer 4 : Eliud Kipchoge

Question 5: Who were the first winners of the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 1973?

Answer 5 : England

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 3 June 2021

Question 1: In the film Namastey London, Katrina’s character is nicknamed

Answer 1 : Jazz

Question 2: Which actor played the role of Bharat Bhushan in the Bheja Fry series of films?

Answer 2 : Vinay Pathak

Question 3: Which genre defining family did Brothers Kumar, Tulsi, Shyam and Kiran belong to?

Answer 3 : Ramsay

Question 4: Which House from the Game of Thrones Universe uses the motto: “Our Blades are sharp”?

Answer 4 : Bolton

Question 5: Before directing Newton, which film did Amit V. Masurkar direct?

Answer 5 : Sulemani Keeda

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 2 June 2021

Question 1: Which bird species is named for the sound made by the rapid beating of its wings?

Answer 1 : Hummingbird

Question 2: If the French were the colonial rulers of Puducherry, who were the colonial rulers of Goa?

Answer 2 : Portuguese

Question 3: Which historical fortification in Pune was the seat of the Peshwas until 1818?

Answer 3 : Shaniwarwada

Question 4: To whom is the festival of Guru Purnima dedicated?

Answer 4 : Vyasa

Question 5: Which Nobel Prize was established in 1968 by a donation from Sweden’s central bank?

Answer 5 : Economics

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 1 June 2021

Question 1: Which of these tennis tournaments is alternatively known as Roland Garros?

Answer 1 : French Open

Question 2: In which sport is the term putting used?

Answer 2 : Golf

Question 3: In which country do first-class teams compete for the Plunkett Shield?

Answer 3 : New Zealand

Question 4: Which English Premier League football club’s home ground is the Emirates stadium?

Answer 4 : Arsenal

Question 5: Which Englishman took 19 wickets in a 1956 Test against Australia?

Answer 5 : Jim Laker

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 31 May 2021

Question 1: Who among these was the antagonist in the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Answer 1 : Bane

Question 2: Complete the song from the film Jagga Jasoos, “___ ullu ka pattha hai”.

Answer 2 : Dil

Question 3: Who plays the role of God in the films Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty?

Answer 3 : Morgan Freeman

Question 4: Which of these iconic shows is based on a novel by Devkinandan Khatri?

Answer 4 : Chandrakanta

Question 5: Which of these comedians made an appearance in the Emraan Hashmi film Mr. X?

Answer 5 : Tanmay Bhat

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 30 May 2021

Question 1: Which of these is a brand of traditional Indian beverages produced by Hector Beverages?

Answer 1 : Paper Boat

Question 2: The name of which of these Google products means ‘a robot with human appearance’?

Answer 2 : Android

Question 3: On the banks of which river would you find the Pyramids of Giza?

Answer 3 : Nile

Question 4: Composed by Kuvempu, Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate is the state song of

Answer 4 : Karnataka

Question 5: Which Czech automobile manufacturer was founded in 1895 as Laurin & Klement?

Answer 5 : Skoda Auto

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 29 May 2021

Question 1: Who were the first country to win the FIFA World Cup four times?

Answer 1 : Brazil

Question 2: What is the surname of cricket playing Australian brothers Greg, Trevor and lan?

Answer 2 : Chappell

Question 3: Where in the West Indies did Brian Lara make his record-breaking scores of 375 and 400?

Answer 3 : Antigua

Question 4: How many players are there in a baseball team?

Answer 4 : Nine

Question 5: In which country were the rules for modern ice hockey formulated?

Answer 5 : Canada

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 28 May 2021

Question 1: Who among these made their Bollywood debut in 1991 in the film ‘Prem Qaidi’?

Answer 1 : Karisma Kapoor

Question 2: Life was like a box of ____ is a famous dialogue from Forrest Gump.

Answer 2 : Chocolates

Question 3: The iconic song ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ was composed by which singer?

Answer 3 : Stevie Wonder

Question 4: Complete the name of this Alia Bhatt film- Kapoor & Sons (Since ____)

Answer 4 : 1921

Question 5: Based on Michael Punke’s novel of the same name, Alejandro Inarritu directed the film

Answer 5 : The Revenant

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 27 May 2021

Question 1: Rabindranath Tagore was the 1st Indian to be given which award?

Answer 1 : Nobel Prize

Question 2: Which of these brands is not from Germany?

Answer 2 : Fiat

Question 3: A group of which birds is called a murder?

Answer 3 : Crows

Question 4: Which of these organisations was formed on India’s independence day in 1969?

Answer 4 : ISRO

Question 5: Which company was the first to initiate marketing via coupons?

Answer 5 : Coca-Cola

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 26 May 2021

Question 1: Who sang the ‘Tu Mili Sab Mila’ from the film Meeruthiya Gangsters?

Answer 1 : Suresh Raina

Question 2: In which state are the Dempo, Salgaocar and Churchill Brothers football clubs based?

Answer 2 : Goa

Question 3: Who is the 1st Indian batsman to hit a century in all formats of international cricket?

Answer 3 : Suresh Raina

Question 4: Which team won the 2019 Men’s FIH Pro League final by defeating Belgium?

Answer 4 : Australia

Question 5: The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be hosted by which country?

Answer 5 : France

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 25 May 2021

Question 1: Which actor is common to the films Don, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd and Heyy Babyy?

Answer 1 : Boman Irani

Question 2: Which film starring Shah Rukh Khan is based on Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary?

Answer 2 : Maya Memsaab

Question 3: What is the favourite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Answer 3 : Pizza

Question 4: Who directed the films ‘Mississippi Masala’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Salaam Bombay!’?

Answer 4 : Mira Nair

Question 5: The director of the SRK film Ra. One has also directed which of these films?

Answer 5 : Article 15

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 24 May 2021

Question 1: Which of these shapes have more than 4 sides?

Answer 1 : Pentagon

Question 2: The Guardian, The Sun and The Daily Telegraph are newspapers from which country?

Answer 2 : UK

Question 3: Which Indian artist painted the ‘Descent of the Ganga’?

Answer 3 : Raja Ravi Varma

Question 4: When a channel crosses 10 million subscribers on YouTube, it gets a

Answer 4 : Diamond Button

Question 5: The first animal to orbit the earth, Laika was a dog of which breed?

Answer 5 : Mongrel

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 23 May 2021

Question 1: The 4 most important annual tennis events are together called

Answer 1 : Grand Slams

Question 2: Which football club, playing the Europa League, is based in Nur-Sultan?

Answer 2 : Astana FC

Question 3: Which country’s football team has been captained by Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Answer 3 : Sweden

Question 4: Where is FIH, the international governing body of field hockey, headquartered?

Answer 4 : Lausanne

Question 5: Which country hosted the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup?

Answer 5 : South Africa

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 22 May 2021

Question 1: In the Harry Potter series, Ginny Weasley is the sister of which character?

Answer 1 : Ron

Question 2: R. Madhavan plays a ____ coach in Irudhi Suttru (Tamil) and Saala Khadoos (Hindi)?

Answer 2 : Boxing

Question 3: Which TV series is about Dr. Henry Morgan, an immortal medical examiner?

Answer 3 : Forever

Question 4: Which Raj Kapoor film was released as Brodigaya in USSR in 1954?

Answer 4 : Awara

Question 5: In which Uttar Pradesh university was the 2015 film ‘Baby’ filmed?

Answer 5 : Gautam Buddha

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 21 May 2021

Question 1: The DGP is the highest ranking _____in India’s States and Union Territories.

Answer 1 : Police officer

Question 2: Which of these Nobel prizes was not established by Alfred Nobel in his will?

Answer 2 : Economics

Question 3: Which country accounted for about 50% of global app downloads in 2018?

Answer 3 : China

Question 4: Which of these voice assistants has a computer-generated voice?

Answer 4 : Alexa

Question 5: Who among these journalists has not been awarded the Padma Shri award?

Answer 5 : Arnab Goswami

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 20 May 2021

Question 1: Which country has won the most Under-19 Cricket World Cups?

Answer 1 : India

Question 2: Which all-rounder is the captain of the West Indies ODI and T201 team?

Answer 2 : Kieron Pollard

Question 3: Which ISL team was recently acquired by the world’s most valuable football group?

Answer 3 : Mumbai City FC

Question 4: Who became the first player to score against 34 clubs in Champions League?

Answer 4 : Lionel Messi

Question 5: Which country ended 2019 as FIFA’s top-ranked team with 1765 points?

Answer 5 : Belgium

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 19 May 2021

Question 1: Ishq bina, Nahin saamne and Ramta jogi are all memorable songs from which film?

Answer 1 : Taal

Question 2: Which dance reality show is telecast on Zee TV since 2009?

Answer 2 : Dance India Dance

Question 3: Which film’s name is a slang used for ‘traveler’s dysentery’ in North India?

Answer 3 : Delhi Belly

Question 4: The director of which of these films has also directed the 2nd season of ‘Sacred Games’?

Answer 4 : Masaan

Question 5: Which was the first Indian TV show to complete 1000 episodes on air?

Answer 5 : Ek Mahal ho Sapno

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 18 May 2021

Question 1: Which of these Khans was not a part of the film Kal Ho Naa Ho?

Answer 1 : Salman Khan

Question 2: Don Draper is an iconic character from which of these TV shows?

Answer 2 : Mad Men

Question 3: The logo of which of these companies depicts San Francisco’s Golden Gate?

Answer 3 : Cisco

Question 4: Which of these personalities received the Bharat Ratna award the earliest?

Answer 4 : Indira Gandhi

Question 5: What software was acquired by Microsoft for $14 million in 1987?

Answer 5 : Powerpoint

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 17 May 2021

Question 1: Which of the following tournaments is not related to tennis?

Answer 1: Ryder Cup

Question 2: Where is an international cricket stadium named after Rajiv Gandhi located?

Answer 2: Hyderabad

Question 3: How many players are there in a water polo team?

Answer 3: Seven

Question 4: Aanchal Thakur won India’s first ever international medal in which of these sports?

Answer 4: Skiing

Question 5: Who is the first Australian in the history of ODI cricket to score a century on debut?

Answer 5: Phillip Hughes

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 16 May 2021

Question 1: In the show Friends, which character is a struggling actor?

Answer 1: Joey

Question 2: What is the name of Jack Sparrow’s ship in the film Pirates of the Caribbean?

Answer 2: The Black Pearl

Question 3: What is common to the biopics of Sarabjit and MC Mary Kom?

Answer 3: The Director

Question 4: The Javed Jaffrey starring film ‘Jajantaram Mamantaram’ is based on which book?

Answer 4: Gulliver’s Travels

Question 5: Whose first appearance was in the animated short “The Wise Little Hen”?

Answer 5: Donald Duck

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 15 May 2021

Question 1: Which online marketplace was co-founded by Suchi Mukherjee in 2012?

Answer 1: Limeroad

Question 2: Which of these dishes can be created with comic character’s Popeye’s source of power?

Answer 2: Palak Ka Saag

Question 3: After which tree did The Economist magazine name its Asia column?

Answer 3: Banyan

Question 4: Who directed the first film where Shah Rukh Khan was named Rahul?

Answer 4: Yash Chopra

Question 5: Which Indian scientist authored the book ‘A History of Hindu Chemistry’?

Answer 5: Prafulla Chandra Ray

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 14 May 2021

Question 1: In which state is the Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium located?

Answer 1: Jharkhand

Question 2: Who is the 1st bowler to take 4 wickets in 4 consecutive balls twice? 

Answer 2: Lasith Malinga

Question 3: Which team is the first in cricket history to play a thousand Test matches?

Answer 3: England

Question 4: Who among the following has not scored a century on Test debut?

Answer 4: Sunil Gavaskar

Question 5: In which state is the Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education situated?

Answer 5: Kerala

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 13 May 2021

Q1: Which famous music composing duo was known by the acronym ‘S-J’?

Answer : Shankar-Jaikishan

Q2: Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga is a song from which film starring Shraddha Kapoor?

Answer :  Half Girlfriend

Q3: Which Hindi film is based in a village called Charanpur?

Answer : Swades

Q4: Who was born in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu and was married to Mithun Chakraborty in the 1980s?

Answer : Sridevi

Q5: Which film by Megan Mylan won the Academy Award for Best Short Documentary?

Answer :  Smile Pinki

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 12 May 2021

First Question:  ______ Aur Pinky Faraar is a film with Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra in titular roles.

Answers: Sandeep

Second Question: Canvas’, ‘Neo’ and ‘Ignite’ are laptop brands owned by which company?

Answers: Micromax

Third Question: Which hill station’s name refers to its location at the confluence of three rivers?

Answers: Munnar

Fourth Question: Among these, which veda has the most number of upanishads associated with it?

Answers: Atharvaveda

Fifth Question: Which French overseas territory in West Bengal was handed over to India in 1952?

Answers: Chandernagore

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 11 May 2021

First Question: Which is the first-ever team to win 4 straight Tests by a margin of an innings?

Answers: India

Second Question: In which 2015 film did Brett Lee play the lead role as Will Henderson?

Answers: Unindian

Third Question: Who registered figures of 8/81 against Bangladesh in India’s first-ever Day/Night Test?

Answers: Umesh yadav

Fourth Question: Who scored the highest test score by a right handed batsman in Test cricket?

Answers: Mahela jayawardne

Fifth Question: Who is the 1st Indian woman cricketer to be awarded honorary life membership of the MCC?

Answers: Anjum Chopra

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 10 May 2021

First Question: Which California-based company was originally called ‘AuctionWeb’?

Answers: Ebay

Second Question: By land area, which is the second largest country of the world?

Answers: Canada

Third Question: Which of the following cities is the judicial capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answers: Guwahati

Fourth Question: Who is the first ICC Associate Member cricketer to get an IPL contract?

Answers: Ryan Ten Does

Fifth Question: What plane was flown by Charles Lindbergh for his solo transatlantic flight in 1927?

Answers: Spirit of St. Louis

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today – 9 May 2021

Q1: Which Khan was directed by his spouse in the film Dhobi Ghat?

Answer : Amir Khan

Q2: Darsheel Safary was picked by Amole Gupte to play the lead role in which movie

Answer :  Tare Zameen par

Q3: In which RGV directed film did Amitabh Bachchan lent his voice for ‘Ganpati Aarti’

Answer : Sarkar 3

Q4: How many women acted in India’s first film Raja Harishchandra (1913)?

Answer : Zero

Q5: Who among these was not seen in Ranbir Kapoor’s Bollywood debut film?

Answer : Rishi Kapoor

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