The Red Ghost 2022 Cast: Release Date, Story, Trailer

The Red Ghost 2022 Cast: Release Date, Story, Trailer

The Red Ghost is a 2022 Russian repulsiveness war spine chiller movie directed by Andrei Bogatyryov. In 1941, a unit of Soviet troopers, including a perilous half-man, half-apparition, face a world class passing crew inside the Wehrmacht.

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The Red Ghost 2022 Cast

The Red Ghost 2022 Cast

Aleksey Shevchenkov as Red ghost

Vladimir Gostyukhin as Ded

Yuriy Borisov as Prostachyok

Polina Chernyshova as Vera

Wolfgang Cerny as Braun

Michael Gor as Comic actor

Olga Stashkevich as Krasnoarmeyka

Vyacheslav Shikhaleev as Politruk

Oleg Vasilkov as Commander

Paul Orlyanskiy as Klein

Nikolay Orlovskiy as Wolfe

Andrey Kurganov as Bruno

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The Red Ghost 2022 Story

Vyazma (‘Vyazemsky cauldron’) is a little separation of Soviet troopers, by deadly occurrence, in an inconsistent fight with an extraordinary unit of the Wehrmacht. Notwithstanding, not a single one of them contemplate surrendering. Every one of them was prepared to forfeit his life to safeguard his motherland. None of these fearless individuals was born a hero.

The fantasy of the red apparition is a brave deed without a trooper’s Soviet fighter in the Great Patriotic War who imparted in the animals, dangerous anxiety toward German officers. Instead of one of the dead legend was embedded another, and the born myth of the invulnerable Soviet officer. The film ‘The Red Ghost’ is about the expectation that each warrior will have.

The Red Ghost 2022 Trailer

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