PUBG New State will never come to India ? – KRAFTON said What

Disappointing news for PUBG lovers in India as fans have been waiting for PUBG New State game. Krafton, the publisher of PUBG New State has talked about it that there are no plans to launch this game in India and they said more things as we discuss.

The Government of India is very serious on PUBG New State Mobile. Recently, Cabinet Minister Prakash Javdekar mentioned this game as most violent game in India. He also said that it comes in the category of addicting games, specially harmful for kids under 15 years.

According to website 91gsm, the company is not thinking about launching a game in India and has no setup plans to launch PUBG New State in India and this is the reason that this game is excluded from pre-registration in India.

This year, PUBG New State was told about it and this game was made available for pre-registration worldwide except few countries including India. Regarding PUBG New State, fans were wishing that this new look of PUBG could be available in India as well. The reason for this is that Krafton is going to launch it and this time, the Chinese company does not have any stake in it.

Due to countries relationship with China, PUBG Mobile was banned last year as it has Chinese company’s stake in India. Since the ban, the company is regularly working to make PUBG come back to India. But it looks the task is pretty difficult.

The company has also pushed themselves forward to speak to the Government of India many times about this, however the communications have not been fruitful. According to some reports, anytime good news can be come in 1-2 months about PUBG Mobile. Let’s hope for the best.

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