Elon Musk points Starlink Will transmit Data 40% Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Elon Musk’s Starlink has the capability to render super high-speed internet to those locations where current infrastructure does not help much and to your surprise, this will be that much faster than no one could ever think. 

If the Starlink program is successfully set up then the generation living in remote locations is going to be happy over the capability of this step by Elon Musk company. Starlink has set up its operational units across the world and beta support is set up in almost all locations and they are 100% sure that they will provide services to international locations and will shock the world with the outcome of this facility. 

What Elon Musk Claims?

Beta support is not that much attractive due to low internet speed as wasn’t believed however the company will take improvement steps very soon. Responding to various asks, Elon Musk confirmed to support internet speed as fast as the speed of light and he mentioned that new infrastructure has that caliber and the world will smile very soon.

“Processing is not an issue. Lasers links alleviate ground station constraints, so data can go from say Sydney to London through space, which is ~40% the faster speed of light than fiber & shorter path. Also, no need for ground stations everywhere. The Arctic will have great bandwidth!

Moreover, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told that they are working towards the installation of laser satellites into space that will help in reducing the burden on the ground establishments. Most of the network services consisting of Starlink are based on ground units, low power satellites, and dishes and the organization believes they will get free of these units and satellites very soon because they spend more time processing data and are the biggest stoppage at the moment. 

With laser satellites move, data transmission will be super fast, almost 40% faster than optical fibers and this infrastructure will render us super fast network speed which the world must get at the moment. 

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Considering Musk’s note and checking the speed what we get at the moment, on the current speed with optical fiber, Starlink will send data packets at 180,832 miles per second and it will provide this blazing fast speed, which is approximately close to 97% of the speed of light.

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SpaceX is also hoping fast for the launch of 1,200 Starlink satellites in the upcoming months however may see a little delay due to rocket oxidizer crunch and a tricky satellite manufacturing system.

Wow, isn’t that amazing, it is. However it will also be very surprising to see how much the population will pay for the services and yes, nothing is free and it is going to be the biggest onus on the company and states to bring these services at a reasonable cost so that normal users can also afford the services. 

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