Dual Movie Cast: A Satirical Thriller Movie, Trailer, Release Date 2022

Dual Movie Cast: A Satirical Thriller Movie, Trailer, Release Date 2022: Dual is a 2022 American ironical sci-fi thriller movie composed, directed, and created by Riley Stearns. It stars Karen Gillan, Beulah Koale, Theo James, and Aaron Paul. The plot follows a lady who attempts to annihilate a clone of herself. The film debuted at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2022. It is booked to be released in the United States on April 15, 2022, by RLJE Films.

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Dual Movie Cast

Dual Movie Cast: Full list

Karen Gillan as Sarah / Sarah Double

Aaron Paul as Trent

Theo James as Robert Michaels

Beulah Koale as Peter

Maija Paunio as Sarah’s Mother

Sanna-June Hyde as Doctor

Andrei Alén as Facility Tech

Kris Gummerus as Tom

Dual Movie Details

A lady picks a cloning method after she gets a terminal diagnosis however when she recuperates her endeavors to have her clone decommissioned come up short, prompting a court-commanded duel until the very end. Dual breezes up a mixed bag of thoughts that never combines into something gnawing, goofy, or significant beyond its last scene (and, surprisingly, by then, at that point, the message it’s giving has for some time been clarified).

It’s likewise not even close as incendiary as it assumes it is, additionally not exploiting those demonstrations of disruption to express anything of substance. More puzzling is that a portion of those narrating decisions feel straightforwardly at chances with the dry tone and mechanical line conveyance heading given to Karen Gillan. She’s effectively the best part of the film and produces a few dismal chuckles, however everything about the plot is by all accounts neutralizing both of her exhibitions.

Deadline reports that RLJE will bring thrill based Dual movie to theaters this year. Supposed to be a “cutthroat offering circumstance,” RLJE Films struck “a low-mid seven figure bargain for the film.” “Dual was a film we were focusing from the start of the Sundance Film Festival and it surpassed our assumptions,” RLJE Films’ Chief Acquisition Officer, Mark Ward, said in an explanation shared by Deadline. “We are glad to be working with our accomplices at XYZ Films once more and can hardly hold on to release the film in the not so distant future.”

Dual Movie Trailer

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