Current Affairs 24 June 2021

Current Affairs 24 June 2021

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Q1. Which nation signed MOU with India for promoting Yoga in their country?

a) Sudan

b) Saudi Arabia

c) New Zealand

d) None of the Above

Q2. Who launched ‘Jaan Hai to Jahaan Hai’ compaign?

a) Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

b) Kapil Sibbal

c) Rahul Gandhi

d) None of the Above

Q3. India and which country signed MOU in the field of agriculture?

a) Australia

b) Saudi Arabia

c) Fiji

d) None of the Above

Q4. Who became first Indian woman fighter pilot from J&K?

a) Mawya Sudan

b) Shilpi Kataria

c) Neetu Singh

d) None of the Above

Q5. Who has been appointed as the director of NIMHANS?

a) Dr Naresh Trahan

b) Dr Pratima Murthy

c) Dr Suman Trivedi

d) None of the Above

Q6. Who has been awarded prestigious CEU Open Society Prize for 2021?

a) Sita Ram Charan

b) Rabri Devi

c) KK Shailaja

d) None of the Above

Q7. Who is author of ‘Habba Khatoon’ book recently released?

a) Kajal Suri

b) Arvind Gaur

c) Yousuf Shah

d) None of the Above

Q8. When is United Nations Public Service Day celebrated?

a) 22nd June

b) 23rd June

c) 24th June

d) None of the Above

Q9. When is International Olympic Day?

a) 22nd June

b) 23rd June

c) 24th June

d) None of the Above

Q10. When was first International Olympic Day observed?

a) 1945

b) 1946

c) 1947

d) 1948

Ans 1. (b) Saudi Arabia

Explanation. Saudi Arabia inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with India to encourage yoga in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration will set new Yoga standards and add more new courses in the country.

Ans 2. (a) Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Explanation. The Minority Affairs Minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi announced the launch of countrywide “Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai” campaign, aims to make people aware on Corona vaccination program in rural and remote areas. This compaign will curb rumours and fears related to vaccination.

Ans 3. (c) Fiji

Explanation. India and Fiji signed MOU in the field of agriculture in an online meeting with both countries’ ministry. This agreement will further strengthen cooperation and growth between the two countries in the field of agriculture and allied sectors.

Ans 4. (a) Mawya Sudan

Explanation. 24-year-old Mawya Sudan became first Indian woman fighter pilot in Indian Air Force and she will be 12th female pilot to be introduced in the IAF from the country. She belongs to Lamberi village from Rajouri district of Jammu which is very close to Line of control (LOC).

Ans 5. (b) Dr Pratima Murthy

Explanation. Dr Pratima Murthy, has now become Director of the Institute (National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru) for five years. She will stay in this position will March 2026. She was received WHO Regional Director’s Special Recognition Award on ‘World No Tobacco Day 2021’.

Ans 6. (c) KK Shailaja

Explanation. Open Society Prize for 2021 has been given to KK Shailaja, the former Health Minister of Kerala. The award was rendered to her as a recognition of “her strong leadership and community-based public health support for saving lives during the pandemic”. CEU was formed in 1991 by George Soros who is a Hungarian-born political activist.

Ans 7. (a) Kajal Suri

Explanation. Arvind Gaur, famous theatre personality, has launched the book ‘Habba Khatoon’ written by Kajal Suri. This book was published by Sanjana Prakashan, also known with the title of ‘The Nightingale of Kashmir’. Habba Khatoon was a Kashmiri popular poet and wife of Yousuf Shah Chak, the last Emperor of Kashmir.

Ans 8. (b) 23rd June

Explanation. United Nations Public Service Day is celebrated worldwide on 23rd June every year. The aim is to applaud the contribution of public service in the development work and to recognize value of public service to the community.

Ans 9. (b) 23rd June

Explanation. The International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23 each year. The day is observed to motivate more people to engage in the Olympic Games and to make people aware about the upcoming events and promote the Olympic engagement.

Ans 10. (d) 1948

Explanation. The first International Olympic Day was observed on June 23, 1948. The first Olympic Day was celebrated in Great Britain, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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