Step By Step Guide To CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress in 2021

Step By Step Guide To CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress in 2021

Step By Step Guide To CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress – Hey, are you a beginner ? or using WordPress for a while? and now want to integrate CC Avenue Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store. If then you landed up at the right page, we have crafted step-by-step details on how you can integrate CC Avenue Payment Gateway to your WordPress website.

The integration process is very simple and if you follow our guide till the end then you will be happy to get thru this. Post integrating the CCAvenue payment gateway, you can easily start making sales for your products without any problems. This tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. Without any further due, let’s jump right over to the topic.

We are assuming that you are either a developer or WordPress savvy.

Steps To Integrate CCAvenue Payment Gateway in WordPress

  • You should be ready with your CCAvenue account fully working and activated before proceeding. You can check that by going to your CCAvenue dashboard.
  • Once, you know that your account is fullying functional and active then download and install CCAvenue Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Now, hop over to WooCommerce Settings » Payment Gateways tab » enable CCavenue option as mentioned below in the screenshot.
  • You can do that by jumping over to the WooCommerce settings page and complete all necessary Payment Gateways settings.
  • Click on the radio button against CCAvenue to modify the settings.
  • If you are not seeing CCAvenue in the bunch of list, You should ensure that you have enabled the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager settings tab.
  • Now, here is the final step to enable the Payment Gateway Method.
  • You should enter your Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking information, include your merchand id and working key and select redirect url (URL you wish ccavenue to redirect once payment is made).
  • Click Save and boom, you are done.
CCAVenue Payment Gateways

Usually, This plugin automatically captures all billing information before redirecting a page to the CCAvenue Secure Payment gateway. You can leverage the Dashboard and check the transactions details and full analytics of your e-commerce business. You can also modify settings and take your shop to the next level by setting up a unique logo and your business details on the dashboard itself.

If you encounter any issues and getting any errors, you should check back if you missed any steps if you followed everything then comment down below and we will be happy to assist you further.

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