[Daily Trivia 10 July] At 48 who is the oldest player in 2019’s IPL auction list

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At 48 who is the oldest player in 2019’s IPL auction list


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Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 10 July 2021

Question 1: Which chess piece can move one square in any direction?

Answer 1 : King

Question 2: In honour of which Greek god were the ancient Olympics held?

Answer 2 : Zeus

Question 3: In which Australian city would you find a cricket stadium named “The G”?

Answer 3 : Melbourne

Question 4: Which IPL team’s coach is the former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum?

Answer 4 : KKR

Question 5: At 48, who is the oldest player in 2019’s IPL auction list?

Answer 5 : Pravin Tambe

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 9 July 2021

Question 1: Who plays the character of Daniel Ocean in the Ocean’s -11,12 and 13 movies?

Answer 1 : George Clooney

Question 2: Director Farah Khan runs an NGO called ___ for women and children living in slums

Answer 2 : Sneha

Question 3: In an iconic Complan ad, if Shahid Kapoor was Complan Boy then who was Complan girl?

Answer 3 : Ayesha Takia

Question 4: What role did Judy Dench play in the James Bond series?

Answer 4 : M

Question 5: Which of these Bollywood films was a remake of the Korean film, Montage?

Answer 5 : Te3n

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 8 July 2021

Question 1: The first ever butterfly park was opened in which Indian city in 2006?

Answer 1 : Bengaluru

Question 2: Which food item’s name is used in tennis to refer to a 6-0 defeat in a set?

Answer 2 : Donut

Question 3: Which athletic event gets its name from a battle between the Persians and Greeks?

Answer 3 : Marathon

Question 4: Which of these is not a part of the Holy Week of Christianity?

Answer 4 : Easter Sunday

Question 5: The vehicle holding the record of the highest land speed had engines made by

Answer 5 : Rolls-Royce

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 7 July 2021

Question 1: In which city is the Bangabandhu National Stadium located?

Answer 1 : Dhaka

Question 2: In November 2019, which country won the WBSC Premier 12 baseball championship?

Answer 2 : Japan

Question 3: What is the number of countries granted Test-playing currently?

Answer 3 : Twelve

Question 4: Who was recently named ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year?

Answer 4 : Ellyse Perry

Question 5: Who holds the Indian record of scoring the fastest 50 in an ODI?

Answer 5 : Ajit Agarkar

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 6 July 2021

Question 1: Which film had a character by the name of ‘Langda Tyagi’ played by Saif Ali Khan?

Answer 1 : Omkara

Question 2: Suneo, Gian and Shizuka feature in which of these animes?

Answer 2 : Doraemon

Question 3: Who was awarded the first Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 1969?

Answer 3 : Devika Rani

Question 4: Montague and Capulet are the last names of which fictional couple?

Answer 4 : Romeo and Juliet

Question 5: Which Indian state’s film Industry goes by the name of a fragrant, pious wood?

Answer 5 : Karnataka

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 5 July 2021

Question 1: Skype is the portmanteau of Sky and P to P. What does P stand for?

Answer 1 : Peer

Question 2: Which country has been the most successful men’s hockey team in the World Cup?

Answer 2 : Pakistan

Question 3: Which of these is not a part of Germany’s Big Three automobile manufacturers?

Answer 3 : Porsche

Question 4: Which American data storage company was established as Shugart Technology?

Answer 4 : Seagate

Question 5: A 2018 Ajay Devgn movie on an IRS officer was loosely based on which official?

Answer 5 : Sharda Prasad Pandey

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 4 July 2021

Question 1: Who made his highest ODI score (139 runs) vs India and was then bought by Delhi Capitals?

Answer 1 : Shimron Hetmyer

Question 2: How many feet off the ground are basketball hoops located?

Answer 2 : Ten

Question 3: In which country was the first-ever ODI played between Australia and England?

Answer 3 : Australia

Question 4: Who became the first cricketer to score 1,000 Test runs in 2019?

Answer 4 : Marnus Labuschagne

Question 5: Midfielder Sarpreet Singh became the first Indian-origin player to play in

Answer 5 : Bundesliga

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 3 July 2021

Question 1: Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to which music director?

Answer 1 : Ram Sampath

Question 2: George Harrison, the English musician, was from which famous band?

Answer 2 : The Beatles

Question 3: Bates Motel is the setting for most of the plot of which Alfred Hitchcock film?

Answer 3 : Psycho

Question 4: The iconic TV show Buniyaad was directed by which film director alongside Jyoti Sarup?

Answer 4 : Ramesh Sippy

Question 5: Which ex-wrestling star starred as Guard Dunham in the movie The Longest Yard?

Answer 5 : Steve Austin

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 2 July 2021

Question 1: Who Among These Is A Part Of The Film Jumanji: The Next Level?

Answer 1 : Nick Jonas

Question 2: The World’s Youngest PM, Sanna Marin Has Been Recently Elected As The PM Of?

Answer 2 : Finland

Question 3: Who Is Known As Kriss Kringle In USA And Father Christmas In Britain?

Answer 3 : Santa Claus

Question 4: Oxford Dictionaries Has Named __ 2019 Word Of The Year?

Answer 4 : Climate emergency

Question 5: The Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi Is From Which Country?

Answer 5 : South Africa

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 1 July 2021

Question 1: Who is the newly appointed head coach of the South African cricket team till 2023?

Answer 1 : Mark Boucher

Question 2: For which football club does Egyptian forward Mo Salah play?

Answer 2 : Liverpool FC

Question 3: In which city is the oldest international cricket stadium of India located?

Answer 3 : Kolkata

Question 4: What are the vertical columns on a chessboard called?

Answer 4 : Files

Question 5: Who is the first male cricketer to score century on ODI and Test debuts?

Answer 5 : Abid Ali

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